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Blogs Looking for an Apartment to Rent in LA? Check The 5 Most Popular Rental Sites

By: admin on 05/12/2019

Looking for an Apartment to Rent in LA? Check The 5 Most Popular Rental Sites

Sun, sand and style- the three ‘S’ that define the city of dreams, Los Angeles. Buying a house or an apartment in this luxurious city is not everyone’s cup of tea. Renting out an apartment might be a smarter thing to do for some people. Having said that, in this post, we list some popular websites for searching rental properties in LA. Read on to find out more about them.

1. Zillow
Created by former Microsoft employees and founders of Lloyd Frink, Rich Barton and Expedia, Zillow is a website that lists some great real estate properties for sale as well as for rent. Apart from property lists, they also give you information on mortgage rates and financial assistance options and advice.

2. Trulia
Trulia was acquired by Zillow and now they are the largest real estate portals in the U.S. Trulia has excellent property listings along with a number of add-on features. You can check out the areas in the ‘Local Info’ section and see visuals virtually through the ‘Trulia Maps’ section. You can get a lot of information on the neighborhood like schools, amenities, crime rates etc.

3. UniLease
If you are a student looking for a short term off-campus accommodation, then UniLease is the place to end your search at. Students list properties they are trying to sublet to other students. You can enter the university you are enrolled in or are planning to enroll in, and you will get the list of rental properties near your university. Features include student email verification, along with subleasing agreements, and a secure payment platform. You can easily complete the entire transaction from searching to signing the lease agreement through the website.

4. Zumper
On Zumper, you can submit your rental application along with one credit report and start applying to all the rental properties you like. There is an ‘Apply Instantly’ section which lets you fill out your information and Zumper creates you the best suited property list. There is also a quality listing feature which tells you whether the buildings listed allow pets or not, their price ranges, and alerts for property notifications. Zumper also has a mobile app with the same features.

5. RadPad
RadPad is known for its user-friendly mobile app but it also has a fully functional rental website. It has a listing of properties with a mandatory high-quality picture requirement from the owners of the properties to ensure the legitimacy. Their ‘PadThink’ feature is an algorithm which automatically deletes expired and illegitimate listings from their site. RadPad has also added an innovative feature that provides the option to pay rent online with your debit or credit card without any hassle.

Let’s Get Searching
All your rental search problems can end easily through one of these websites. Now you don’t need to worry about finding an apartment that fits all your requirements. Also, you can do all your search sitting right from the comfort of your home. Simply narrow down the list before checking them out and finalizing the perfect abode. Happy searching!

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