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By: admin on 04/12/2019

Trying to Decide Choosing Between Living On-Campus vs Off-Campus?

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If you recently started going to college, then one of the biggest questions that you’ll have is where to live during your college life! The dilemma most face is whether to take up an on-campus accommodation or live off-campus. And as both have their own set of lures, choosing between the two is certainly not easy. But don’t worry because in this post we discuss some points that will help you the weigh the pros and cons of both, and let you make a calculated decision. As a reminder, most schools require freshman to live on-campus and some even sophomores. But once you are given the option of the two, things can be tricky. Below are some pointers to help you decide.

1. Cost of Living

Living on-campus in a dorm has its own advantage. It’s right in the campus, so you can just wake up 10 minutes before a lecture and still make it in time; you don’t have to worry about food, nor do you need to worry about security and medical care because it is all right there. But the biggest problem of taking up accommodation in-campus is the huge dorm fee you need to pay. If you don’t have financial assistance, then it is wise to look for off-campus living arrangements. There are several reliable websites where you can find an apartment which you can afford. You can handpick your new home based on your preferences and needs.

2. Roommates

When you start college, you meet new people; some become your friends while there are some you simply don’t seem to get along with at all. If you choose to live in a dorm, you will have to share the room with a roommate. And unfortunately, sometimes you don’t have the choice to pick who you share your room with. It’s a surprise waiting to unfold. You might become instant friends, or you might end up hating each other. On the other hand, if you choose to live off-campus, then you have the option of choosing to either live alone or share your apartment with a roommate who you are already friends with. Sharing a living place with someone you like can make your life so much more fun and easier to cruise.

3. Privacy

Privacy is a huge factor in college life. If you don’t mind sharing one bathroom with a dozen people and sharing a cramped room with roommates, then dorms should pose no problem for you. But if you want to enjoy a private life, then off-campus accommodation is the way to go. Even if you do plan to share an apartment with a friend, you still can have separate bedrooms for yourselves. You definitely don’t need to wait for your turn for hours to take a shower or get yelled at for taking too long of showers. Plus, you can invite whoever you want, go out any time you want, and have a real social life with no rules to fret over.

4. Food

Food- a very important aspect of our lives. Dorms provide food facilities as well. You don’t need to cook to feed yourself. But you don’t get to choose what you eat; you eat what’s already there at the dining hall. If you are a foodie or simply enjoy having meals of your own choice, then take up living off-campus. You don’t have to put up with the same old boring menu of your dorm. Cook yourself a scrumptious meal or order a take-out or go out and dine, the choice is completely yours to make.

5. Transportation

Travelling is time consuming especially in a big city. On-campus accommodations cut out the hassle of travelling all together. You can simply take a leisurely walk from your dorm room to your class. Off-campus accommodation might add travel time to your day’s schedule. If you enjoy riding a bus or the train or actually like driving to school in your own vehicle, then it isn’t a hassle anymore. But if you want to live close to campus then you can have an option for that as well. There are many good property rental websites like UniLease where you can find an off-campus accommodation near your college!

Last Few Words

When it comes to deciding between living on-campus or off-campus, there’s really no definitive answer as both options come with their own set of pros and cons. It all depends upon a student’s personal preferences and their circumstances. So, no matter whether you choose to live on-campus or off-campus, we just hope that you have the best time of your life during this period and make many happy memories!


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