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By: admin on 04/12/2019

New to College? Learn the Know-How on Finding the Best Places to Live

Finding a room or an apartment to rent, as a student, can be a little overwhelming and in case it’s your first time, you may be completely confused about where to start. But don’t worry, because in this post we have listed some important renting tips to help you tackle the process with much ease. Let’s take a look.

Know your budget

Come up with a budget before you start exploring your options. It’s the first and foremost thing you need to do. You should take in consideration the cost of utilities, transportation costs, and other expenses that would directly or indirectly affect the cost of the accommodation you rent. For example, if you book a place where you need to commute, you will want to check how much it is to park on campus. This will help you narrow down your search, thereby making the process a whole lot easier and faster.

Start early

Make sure you get an early start as you aren’t the only one looking for available rentals. There would be many like you looking for a room or an apartment and if you don’t start early, you may miss out on the better deals. For instance, the places near the college tend to get occupied sooner. Getting off to an early start will also help you get a good idea of the areas where you can rent a room or an apartment. This will also help remove the stress of having to rush to find an apartment closer to your needed move-in date.

Consider having a roommate

As a student, you may not have a lot to splurge, and therefore, you might want to consider having a roommate to split your rent and utility bills. And that’s not it; the best part of having a roommate is that if you get along well, you may find a friend for a lifetime and make great memories too. But, make sure you are picking the right roommate by asking them about their living habits to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

Rent a place near campus

Ask a commuter student how diffcult it is for them to travel between home and college every day, and you will realize how important it is to have a room in an area that’s close to your college. It’s best if your college is at walking distance from your room/apartment. In case you don’t need a nearby accommodation, then look for areas that have good connectivity to your campus. Check if there is public transportation nearby or know the school’s parking situation if you plan to drive.

Ensure you have your security deposit ready

You have no idea how many students have lost the perfect deal merely because they couldn’t make a security deposit in time. Remember, there are a lot of takers for your favorite property out there and most landlords will give the property to whoever provides the security deposit first. Therefore, it is essential that you have your security deposit ready to avoid losing it to a fellow student.

Find a sublease

When a tenant sublets (or rents) an accommodation, or a portion of it, to another tenant for a short term, it is called subleasing. It’s a common practice among students at colleges like USC to sublease their apartments to fellow students who are looking for short term housing in Los Angeles. Do you know what the best part about subleasing is? You generally find better prices and rates than market standard because you can negotiate with the subtenant providing the place!

Need to sublease now?

Great idea! At UniLease, we connect USC students looking for short term housing needs with USC students looking to rent their accommodation. For your renting needs, get in touch with us at, or click here to get started on finding your next place.

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