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By: admin on 05/12/2019

The Ultimate Guide to Renting an Affordable Apartment in LA

With the real estate market skyrocketing, buying an apartment in a decent neighborhood is something only the well-off can afford, especially in LA. And therefore, the next best option is to rent an apartment, unless you want to buy a home on loan and keep paying heavy installments for the next couple of decades. If you too are looking to rent an affordable apartment in LA, then this blog will be of much help as we list some things to consider when hunting for an apartment on rent in LA.

1. Determine Your Budget

The first thing you need to do is set your budget. Based on your income and expenses, determine the amount you would like to spend on renting an apartment in LA. Once you have determined the budget, you are ready for step two.

2. Zero in on a Neighborhood

Determining a neighborhood that fits your criteria is essential. After all you are going to live there. Once your budget is set, the next thing you got to do is narrow down the neighborhoods which have apartments for rent in your range. Now, based on your other requirements like proximity to schools, colleges, yoga studios, gym, supermarket, restaurants, bars, etc., you can zero in on a neighborhood that best suits you.

3. Figure Out What You Want

You need to do a thorough research on the neighborhood you select to live in. Once you have determined what facilities and services you need to be close to you, find out about other information about the area; information like the crime rate in the area, how safe is the area, burglaries, registered offenders etc.

4. Search Online

There are several property rental websites and apps like UniLease which can help you find the apartment of your choice. You can sit right at home and get detailed information on the neighborhood, rent amount, the facilities and services available, and pictures on what it looks like!

5. See the Place in Person

Once you have set your budget, done your online research, narrowed down the area of your choice and perhaps even selected a couple of apartments, go check out everything in person. Looks can be deceiving, so take a walk around the area for a better idea. Meet the owner and building manager or person in-charge and check the apartment properly. If you are planning to rent a furnished apartment, then check whether the appliances and the household furniture are in good condition.

6. Ask Questions

Don’t be shy to ask questions. Walk around the neighborhood, knock on doors if you have to, but talk to people living in the building and the area. Talk to the property manager or the person responsible for the building’s services. Ask questions about how safe the area is, what facilities are available, what are the problems, and anything else you need to ask.

Don’t Procrastinate. Get Going.

Good properties are hard to find, so don’t procrastinate and seal the deal on the choice of your property before they get taken. If you ever need to sublease, UniLease is the perfect place for that!

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