How It Works

Basic Information

UniLease is online subleasing platform strictly for students. Its intent is to be used as a marketplace for students who need to sublease and allow them to connect with each other. Users must use their university email address to sign up to ensure that only students are able to use their platform.


Here are the steps to solve your temporary housing needs.

Sublessee (a person who is looking for a room to sublease):

1. Search the available dates and property at your university of choice

2. Filter and choose a property

3. Communicate with the property host and file a “Request to Book”

4. Once accepted, you will enter your payment information and follow any remaining steps

5. Pack your bags and enjoy!

Sublessor (a person who is looking to sublease their own room)

1. Post your property with detailed descriptions, amenities, and restrictions, plus photos

2. Be contacted by potential sublessees and provide additional information to sublessee or accept/deny the request

3. If you accept, the sublessee will fill out their tenant profile and payment information

4. Make sure you take pictures and videos of the place before you leave

5. Enjoy not worrying about paying rent for a space you are not using!

Is subleasing legal?

Sublessors should primarily refer to their master lease to see if they are allowed to sublease. If it is not, the sublessor should speak to the landlord company to gain permission to sublease. UniLease is not responsible for any consequences that the users may incur if they sublease their property without the consent of the landlord. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Sublease Agreement

UniLease offers an optional sublease agreement template for users who wish to feel more protected. Users can modify the template to make it more personal if they wish. If users do use the template provided by UniLease, note that UniLease is not a part of the contract and will not be involved in any disputes. UniLease is not giving legal advice and users should seek their own legal counsel. If you need legal advice as to the accuracy, sufficiency or enforceability of specific contract terms you should consult with a licensed attorney.


A sublease agreement is a useful legal tool for those who need to make a formal agreement to sublet a residential unit. A Sublease is a lease contract between an original tenant and a subtenant who will occupy the property of the original leaseholder. Subleases should be used for someone who seeks to relocate or move in a roommate/replacement tenant temporarily. For those who cannot get out of their lease, a sublease agreement is often a good way to complete the terms of their contract in a way that suits everyone’s needs. It helps protect both tenants as it is legally binding. Note that a sublease agreement is only lawfully valid IF the master lease states you can sublease, and/or the management company or landlord has a written statement allowing the sublease to occur. Please also refer to the laws of your city.

Payment Information

UniLease offers a payment platform for users to pay and receive rent. The payments and payouts are automatically set on auto-recur until the sublease is over. It is completely free to sign up, search, and post but there is a transaction fee once a reservation is made on the rent payments and payouts. These fees are to help cover UniLease’s costs such as payment processing and to provide you with the best product possible. UniLease uses Stripe as its payment processing platform. Stripe will store and protect users’ card and bank details.

Transaction Fees
Sublessees will pay an additional 2% fee in addition to total rent amount per month.
Sublessors will be deducted 6% to the total rent  amount per month.

Payment Dates
The first month’s payment will occur at the time of booking. The following payments will occur every 30 days beginning 30 days after the day the sublease starts.

Initial Payment by the Sublessee
When a booking is complete, the sublessee will pay the first month’s rent at this time and then will be charged a prorated amount if need be during any later charges.

Future Payments by the Sublessee
The following payments will automatically occur 30 days after the start of the sublease with the following rent payments occurring every 30 days until the sublease end date. All future payments will be auto-recurring.

Initial Payout to the Sublessor
UniLease will payout the first month’s rent to the sublessor 48 hours after the sublessee pays. The sublessor should see the money in the listed bank account within 5-7 business days from the time UniLease transfers it.

Future Payouts to the Sublessor

Once UniLease receives the money, UniLease will transfer the money to the sublessor’s bank account. It will take a few business days for it to be seen in the sublessor’s bank account.

Cancellation Policy

Sublessee Cancellation Policy
The sublessee can cancel anytime during the booking process until the sublease is confirmed. Once the sublessee pays the initial amount, the sublessee has 24 hours to receive a refund minus the cancellation fees (10% of the paid rent amount).

If the sublessee cancels after the 24 hours, the sublessee will not be refunded the initial payment amount and the sublessor will keep this amount. If the sublessee cancels after the 24 hours and within 30 days until the start of the sublease, the sublessee will also pay the second month’s rent at the time of cancellation to the sublessor (if the sublease is less than two months, then the sublessee will pay the remaining amount).

Sublessor Cancellation Policy
Once the sublessee has paid, the sublessor can request to cancel. An UniLease representative will reach out to learn why and proceed with the next steps. If the cancellation request is accepted, the sublessor will be required to enter in the payment information to refund the deposited rent amount plus a cancellation fee (10% of the received amount). The cancellation will be be completed once the amount has been processed and then the sublessee will receive a complete refund.


UniLease is not responsible for any damages or disputes as stated in the Terms and Conditions. The sublessee is responsible to pay for all damages that the sublessee causes during the sublease period. UniLease recommends both parties to take detailed, up-to-date videos and/or photos to ease this process. If both parties agree on the damages, UniLease will charge the sublessee the damage amount and send it to the sublessor. The damage claims must be sent to UniLease within 7 days after the sublease ends.

Booking - Sublessees (Users who need a room)

Requesting to Book
You can request to book as many properties as you’d like without fully committing to the property. Properties can also be saved in your favorites if you don’t have time to complete your booking request. UniLease does not ask for your payment information until the sublessor accepts the booking request.

Sublessor Accepts
Once a sublessor accepts a booking request, you will have 7 days to enter your payment information and confirm the booking. The booking will automatically cancel after the 7 days if the reservation is not completed.

Move-In Day
It is highly recommended that you take up to date photos/videos upon move-in and email it to

During the Stay
Check the UniLease user portal to remain in contact with the original tenant. Our messaging platform allows seamless communication between sublessees and sublessors.

Last but not least - Enjoy!

After the Stay
Take pictures/videos. UniLease recommends that you take current pictures and/or videos of the property on move-out day. This is to document the condition of the property following your stay. Please leave the place cleaner than you arrived

Booking - Sublessors (Users who have a room to sublease)

Posting Your Property
You can quickly post your property by clicking “Post your Property” in the top right-hand corner. If you have not signed up yet, you will be asked to sign up once you post. The property will not be posted until you have verified your account. Make sure to let your roommates know

Admin Reviewal
Once you click ‘Post,’ UniLease will review the property which will only take a few moments. This is to ensure that the posting looks legit and does not contain any inappropriate content. After approval, you will receive an email and your property will now be active.

You can choose to include a flat utility rate to charge the sublessee if you would like and/or handle the utilities amongst yourselves. Note that UniLease is not responsible for fluctuations in the utility rates during the sublease.

You can edit your property at any time by clicking the “My Listings” tab under your profile.

Sublease Agreement
You can choose to include a Sublease Agreement. This will require you to attach a copy of your master lease. Remember, the use of a Sublease Agreement is only valid with your Landlord’s permission.

Booking Requests
You can view booking requests on your account under “Sublessee Requests” tab. Before you can accept, you will be asked to enter your payout information. You only have 7 days to accept or deny the request otherwise the booking request will automatically cancel. Once you accept, the sublessee will complete the steps to finalize the booking process. The first month’s rent will be paid and delivered to you at this time as well.

Before the Stay
Clean the place the day before you move-out and take pictures of your property. It is recommended that you email the photos to the day you move out.

Finally, relax!

During the Stay
Check the UniLease user portal to remain in contact with your UniLease tenant. Our messaging platform allows seamless communication between sublessees and sublessors.

Inquire about your UniLease tenants stay and offer any assistance with obtaining household contact information and property responsibilities (trash day, landlord visits, etc.).

After the Stay
UniLease recommends that you take current pictures and/or videos of the property on move-out day to document the condition of the property from how you left it. Coordinate a time with your UniLease tenant to receive any items such as keys.