Our Story

College is a stressful time for everyone. Between exams, balancing your work and social life, most students don’t have time for much else. Here at UniLease, we believe that housing should not be one of those stressors. UniLease connects students who need to sublease their apartment with students who need short-term housing.

In the midst of leaving for summer or studying abroad, we have discovered that students are paying rent for the time they are not occupying their residence. Consequently, this means thousands of dollars that could go to tuition or living expenses are flushing down the drain. UniLease is an easy to use platform which guarantees that your unused space does not go to waste. Our platform is transparent and straightforward, meaning you always know what you are getting.

Drew Davis

short term housing University of Southern California

During my junior year at the University of Southern California, I decided to study abroad. While preparing for the venture, I faced the difficulties of finding someone to sublease my apartment for the six months I wasn’t there. I frantically posted on Facebook and asked friends if they knew of anyone who needed short-term housing, but found myself at multiple dead ends. After a stressful search that eventually lead to finding a tenant, I knew I had to fix this broken system.

After conducting market research and speaking with hundreds of students, I found that I wasn’t alone in this stressful search process. Students were facing the same problems I had - not being able to find someone to take over the lease on time, or not knowing whether the person taking over your rental would pay rent and leave your space damage free.

I embarked on a mission to create a platform that made it easy for students to connect with oneanother for subletting, while ensuring those who took over leases were trustworthy and would pay rent, leaving the space damage free. After entering and winning a start-up competition in Germany, UniLease took off.

My goal with UniLease is to reach every University in the United States, so students are no longer throwing money away on unused space. UniLease’s features like its easy to use payment platform ensures your rent is paid while you are away. Our sublease agreements make sure your house is returned in the condition you left it, so don’t have to worry about managing your property from a distance.